ComputerVan was established by in 2003 to address the growing need for timely and professional service of personal computers. This need has grown as a result of our growing dependence on PC's & internetworked digital communication.

Our idea is to address this need where it arises, at your home or business.
There are good reasons why we don't unhook our broken water heaters and haul them to the plumber's office. Those reasons have parallels where your PC is concerned.

The founder/chief repair technician of ComputerVan is John Comeau. John has over 30 years of experience in the computer industry - having worked not only as a diagnostic engineer, but as a software engineer as well. He authored "Amarillo Slim Dealer's Choice" poker software for personal computers. He was the designer/webmaster of the popular internet destination:
John has been a resident of Townsend, Massachusetts for the past 20 years.

ComputerVan (978) 302-9683
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