Computer Upgrades
Need a DVD Writer?
Hard drive running out of space?
Computer just too darned slow?
Perhaps an add-on or upgrade can solve your problem - at a fraction of the cost of a brand new computer.

New and Used Computer Systems
We can evaluate your needs and recommend a computer system that's custom designed to meet them. We often have used computers at very reasonable prices.( Check out our $111 Used Computer System Super Special

On-Site Service
Many PC repair places don't even offer house calls. We do nothing but house-calls - making your convenience our specialty.
Don't waste your valuable time unhooking, unplugging and lugging - it's dusty back there and, unless you lug everything to the repair shop you risk lugging the wrong piece!
Don't interrupt your business to play chauffeur to your computer.
A better idea: Call The ComputerVan. It's a complete PC repair depot - on wheels.

We've all done it - run out of paper/forms/labels/diskettes unexpectedly, usually at the worst possible time. The next time it happens you can stop your business for an hour while you rush off to OfficeMax. Or you can give us a call. We'll deliver just what you need right to your door.

Need a home network for the purpose of modem sharing, or a business network for information sharing? Computer Van can make it happen. Problems with your existing small-medium sized network? Call us - we've got the expertise to fix them.

After-hours Service
We're more than happy to pre-schedule service to your computer for weekday evenings & Saturdays. So there's no need to interrupt your business or other important work for a computer upgrade. So stop putting off getting that upgrade & call ComputerVan today.


Computer Repair
Your system won't boot? Won't print. Or just won't work right?
Whether your problem is with hardware or software our technicians will give you quick professional quality service to your satisfaction, and offer quality service - at competitive prices.

Virus & Spyware Removal
A virus can slow down your computer and inundate you with pop-up ads. Worse, it can destroy your vital data or give hackers access to your private and personal files, We can detect and remove these pests from your computer and repair the damage they've done. Then we can provide you with the security of the very latest anti-virus software.

Training & Tutoring
Maybe you've just gotten your computer and you're trying to learn the basics. Or perhaps you're interested in specific applications, or want to learn how to troubleshoot your own computer. We can help teach you what you need to know.

After-Hours Emergengy Service
You're burning the midnight oil, trying to get that report ready for tomorrow morning - and your computer breaks. Before you kiss your promotion goodbye, call ComputerVan. We charge a premium for emergency after-hours service (see our rates page). While we can't gaurantee that promotion, we'll do our best to get your computer up and running ASAP.

ComputerVan (978) 302-9683
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